16 October 2005

Wednesday Links ~*~ 19 October 2005

Anyday in History
Just that any day in history. Births, deaths,
holidays, MIA's, history.

The Forensic Science Resource Page
The Tenneesse Forensics and Criminal Law Resource Link Center.

Free Advice / Copyright Law
Legal advice website offers easy to understand explainations
of copyright law, requirements and action. Good FAQ.

A wonderful language tool, covering the basics of English
and its many mechanisms. You can use the Unhandbook
as a learning course or a quick brush up on specifics with the
instant reference list.

Movie Bytes
Screenwriting resource that offers industry news and info,
software, contest, links and resources.

Writing World
Vast writer's website offering articles, classes, links
and resources for all genre.


Blue Leaf Publishing
Small press and e-book publisher considering both
full lenght and novella length manuscripts.
Blue Leaf considers romance or strong romance
content. Indigo Blue considers novellas in the
romance genre' especial paranormal shapeshifter
Query: query@blueleafpub.com

Eagle Creek Press
Former Red Deer Press. Publishes non-fiction, specifically
books on parenting, adult learning, culture, and lifestyle
topics. Accepts unsolicited manuscripts.
Eagle Creek Publishers
R.R. 1
Bowden AB, Canada T0M 0K0


Arizona Highways
Monthly magazine that features travel to and within
Arizona. Requires written queries, except for fiction
Arizona Highways
Query Editor
2039 W. Lewis Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85009
email submissions: queryeditor@arizonahighways.com

Desert USA
Web based pulication about the American
Southwest desert. Considers articles and features on
travel, culture, events, wildlife, history, and lore.
Query: jim@desertusa.com
PO Box 270219
San Diego, CA 92198

Native Peoples Magazine
Bi-monthly magazine seeks writers and photographers -
of native and non-native American heritage. Articles
and features focus on the way of life and arts of Native
Query: dgibson@nativepeoples.com
The Editors, Native Peoples Magazine
5333 North Seventh Street
Suite 224
Phoenix, AZ 85014

New Yorker Magazine
Print publication and website of current events,
culture, political, and the arts.
Considers features, articles, reviews, and poetry.
Query the appropriate editor: fiction@newyorker.com
The New Yorker
4 Times Square
New York, NY 10036

Reader's Digest Canada
Reader's Digest
Should you have a topic you think might be broad
enough in scope and appeal for their readership, you
are welcome to submit a well-developed one-to-two
page article proposal to THE EDITORS.
An even better route is to submit published
material for possible use as a reprint.
Reader's Digest
Box 100
Pleasantville, N.Y. 10570
or fax to 914-238-6390


Do you have a writing link that you want to share?
Collating an anthology and looking for works to
include? drop me a link and your info at


Write On!
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