14 September 2005

14 September 2005

Alicia Rasley's Writers' Corner
Website geared towards Romance writers, but offers tips and
courses for writers in all genre.

The Copyright Licensing Agency
A non-profit organization, British Copyright Law and Licensing Agency
offers tips to British writers on protecting their works under the loose
British copyright law.

A searchable database of Canadian Literary Agents.

The English Page
Online grammar tutorial and English lessons. Includes
a great page on verb tense.

Internet Resources
Website dedicated to links and resources just
for writers.

Lectric Law Library
Crime writers should book mark this website. Unbelieveable
tombs, massive quanities of law information make sure you
enter through the Rotundra.

Red Ink Works
Screening writing links, resources, articles, news,
and information.

Romance Ink
Website dedicated to romance reading, writing, living.
Currently is seeking article, poetry, and short
submissions on romance and life.


Dragon Moon Press
Small print publishr of sci-fi and fantasy.
Online submission only: publisher@dragonmoonpress.com
PO Box 64312
5512 - 4th Steet
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2K 6J0

Harper Collins Publishing ~ Avon Romance
Accepting manuscripts for Historic, Period and Contemporary romance
novels up to 100,000 words.
New Guidelines Query first to:
Avon Books/Harper Collins
10 E 53 Street
New York, NY 10022


Cicada Magazine
Literary magazine written for teens and young adults, published by
the Cricket Magazine Group, owned by Carus Publishing.
Submissions Editor
CICADA Magazine
P.O. Box 300
Peru, IL 61354

City Slab
Urban tales of the grotesque. Publication is seeking
gritty horror stories, up to 5k in length.
City Slab Publications
submissions: submission@cityslab.com
Editor: Dave Lindschmidt
1705 Summit Ave., Apt. #314
Seattle, WA 98122

Military Officer Magazine
Focuses on issues miliary, political and historical (recent) to former
military personnel, as well as day to day living issues.
Managing Editor
Military Officers Association of America
201 N. Washington St.
Alexandria, VA 22314-2539
or e-mail editor@moaa.org

Missouri Review
Literary review considers poetry, fiction and essays on general subjects.
Does not accept email submissions lightly.
The Missouri Review
1507 Hillcrest Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Do you have a writing link that you want to share? Collating an anthology
and looking for works to include? drop me a link and your info at


Write On!

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